Project Description

Customer: Regionalverband Ostwürttemberg
Duration: 2020-2021

The region of East Wuerttemberg wants to contribute to coping with the shortage of living space, particularly through interior development. This should be accelerated by activating internal development potential (horizontal and vertical densification) and by avoiding vacancies using innovative concepts. The “Wohnraumdetektor” (Housing Detector) project comprises the determination and evaluation of the living space potential through densification and top-up options in the East Wuerttemberg region. On the basis of the detected potential for settlement areas in the entire region since 2011 and the “Regionaler Leerstandsrader” (Regional Vacancy Radar) project carried out in 2015/2016, this project continues the regional settlement area management and for the first time links it with vacancy management and opportunities for horizontal and vertical densification in order to create new qualities to be able to create internal development.

The results serve as the basis for the continuation of the regional plan for the region of East Wuerttemberg. With the help of an activation guide, municipalities are offered transferable support for the rapid provision of living space.