Local and regional planning

We work together to develop concepts for sustainable, future-oriented spatial development. In doing so, we identify development subdivisions and consider the strategically important focal points, fields of action and the existing synergies in connection with future-oriented overall development.
Based on this, we support you in the selection of the appropriate bold lines, market-economy and consensus-based instruments for implementation.

Design and implementation of planning processes

ProRaum Consult  develops suitable procedures taking the planning conditions into account. We give advice on the design and implementation of planning processes.

Test planning procedures

 Test planning as an informal planning procedure is particularly suitable for the investigation phase of planning processes in order to clarify difficult planning tasks. They can provide important insights to prepare and complement informal and formal procedures..

Action plan for spatial development

Based on existing area management databases with added information on the individual areas, we compile prioritizations, based on a comprehensive assessment of the situation in order to mobilize the settlement area reserves, which are adjusted to problems and needs. Furthermore, we develop proposals for the necessary planning measures to activate the focal points and important individual areas.