Creation of an overview of settlement area reserves [Raum+]

With the “Room +” method, we have extensive experience at the municipal, regional, (cantonal) or state level. The results will be managed and continued in a platform developed specifically for this methodology.

Location assessment

We analyze the results from the overview phase specifically adapted to the needs of your region or community and point out strategic development priorities as well as key issues.

Strategy for dealing with land potentials

Through spatially coordinated action planning, we provide you with strategies and methods with which the areas in your community can develop sustainably, activate and market them successfully.

Accompany activation processes and address owners

A major problem with the activation of land potentials indoors is the lack of ownership to market the land or to develop them yourself. Many owners shy away from marketing their property or reject it. Inventory areas are not used structurally as planned and so re-allocations are necessary. We help you to develop a suitable procedure for the targeted approach of the owner.

Development and support of building land registers

For this purpose, the Raum + platform is suitable as an updatable instrument for the management of spatial data and its attributes. We will create a complete building cadastre for your community that can be continually and easily updated.